Saturday, January 7, 2012

Celebrating Genna as a family

We enjoyed celebrating Genna with the Adoptive and Ethiopian communities last year, but this year there was an abundance of anticipation in the household to celebrate Genna together as a family for the first time!

This community, a mixture of the Adoptive and Ethiopian communities, is so very special to us. We were involved in this community prior to Mawerdi's arrival, and to now see her playing with her friends with such joy and delight and celebrating her hertiage together as a family...well it brings us unmeasurable happiness.

We were so excited to wear our traditional attire. Our dresses were picked out in Addis, Viv's especially designed and created for her.

Mawerdi loved being with her friends, dancing
and running around!

Mawerdi enjoyed making many new special friends!

Again, just like last year, the Priest from a local Ethiopian Orthodox Church said a blessing and special message to the families.

Sonja, with Enjoni Cafe, is such a wonderful source of connection for the Ethiopian and Adoptive Communities!

It was wonderful to see so many beautiful faces celebrating this special holiday!

And of course Mawerdi was eating as much Injera as possible...she has loved Injera from the start!

After a wardrobe change (lets face it, everyone likes to get comfy) she got back to dancing the night away!

We are so thankful for these amazing friends! Our girls are not only good friends, who always enjoy their time together, but they are also share so many things, including being born in the same town in Ethiopia! We are thankful to call so many adoptive families our friends...their passion for life, appreciation of family, and commitment to keeping the Ethiopian heritage alive in the household...we can't say it enough, how truly grateful we are for these amazing relationships!

“Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget.”
-Unknown Author