Thursday, March 17, 2011

All about Baby M

On Wednesday we went to meet with our attorney to discuss our case, which is typical for every adoptive family before court to ensure that all the necessary paperwork is in the file. We were suppose to meet him at 2:30 pm and when we arrived the secretary said that he had an emergency meeting with the adoption organization, which he had been in all day long. We anxiously waited with other families with our attorney finally arriving at 5:30. He was so apologetic, and of course we knew that this meeting was not in his control, and we were just so happy to be able to review our paperwork before court. Our attorney is such a wonderful man and we feel so thankful to be working with him!

Today was court, where we will testified to the judge for our love of Baby M and our promise to be her parents for life. The judge asked us why we were adopting from Ethiopia, how we had prepared ourselves for this adoption and for any identity issues that she might have when she is older, and how do does our family feel about the adoption. We were not nervous, we were proud, we know this is our journey and continue to have the mindset to have faith and move forward. We do know that we passed our part of court. We won't go into the details about the outcome of the adoption meeting, the situation with MOWA or court now, but we will keep you posted as to the results over the next couple of days. We need to allow the adoption agencies to update the adoption community first before we talk about what the current status is with Ethiopian adoptions and our case, although there is some good and bad aspects, it seems the future of adoptions looks positive. We also feel very good about our case! It was a good day ( :

“You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” 
~ Mary Manin Morrissey


  1. I love you guys so much! I am so happy that each day is one day closer to Auntie and baby "M" meeting! So thankful and blessed to be part of this journey!xoxo

  2. Oh and by the way...Viv and Pete you look amazing in this picture! The smiles on both your faces show the depth of love you both have for baby "M"!

  3. Big dreams require big faith and big courage to keep moving towards its fulfillment. I am glad that you recognize any possible fears which keeps the fear in check and it doesn't grow. When a fear is denied or even ignored it can grow leaps and bounds. Keep shining the light of your love on any fears and they will subside allowing you to walk forward in continued faith, courage and love.

  4. Hi Viv,

    Hope you and Pete are doing great! I am excited to see your photos of Ethiopia and hope everything is going great with the court/adoption process.

    You are so inspiring to me! Take care and give that sweet baby a hug for me.
    Rebecca Tuazon